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Trust us for receiving premium quality goods like Plain Ram Bottle Type Hydraulic Jack, Cube Testing Machine, Hydraulic Jim Crow, etc.
About Us

Back in the year, 1954, Mr. Haider Taiyebally Rangoonwala founded our company, Oriental Trading Corporation in the city of Kolkata. Over the years, we have established a name as a manufacturer and supplier of various hydraulic equipment and other accessories, and we are associated with key public sectors like railways and infrastructure. The products we provide include Non-Infringing Hydraulic Track Jack, Screwed Ram Bottle Type Hydraulic Jack, Cube Testing Machine, Heavy Duty Jim Crow, etc. Our workshop is located in Howrah, West Bengal and our workshop team is the brains behind our innovation procedures & quality management. All throughout the years, Mr. Saifuddin Rangoonwala and Mr. Murtaza Rangoonwala, together with our founder have been overseeing our operations and have been executing the expansion plans of our business.
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Our Commitment Towards Quality

Because we are a manufacturing firm, quality always remains our first focus. All the customers who choose to work with us are never disappointed with the quality of our offerings. In addition, the following are some key factors that demonstrate our commitment towards quality:
  • We have been obtaining the highest quality raw materials from the best and most reputable vendors of the market.
  • We have a highly dedicated team of quality testers which guarantees that each batch is rigorously tested in conformance with best industrial regulations.
  • We always uphold the highest quality levels throughout the production process.
  • We use high quality packaging to ensure that the produced items are delivered safely to the clients.
Our Vast Experience

The long-standing history of a company may help it gain a competitive edge over its competitors; likewise, we have a lengthy history of steady and productive operations spanning more than six decades. Our exemplary range of products, which includes Screwed Ram Bottle Type Hydraulic Jack, Heavy Duty Jim Crow, Non-Infringing Hydraulic Track Jack, Cube Testing Machine, and others, has allowed us to maintain a market-leading position for many years. Throughout the years, we have always made sure that the majority of our clients remain with us. All in all, we have been able to retain a strong position in the industry over the decades because of our superior quality goods and our ethical beliefs.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our company can be reflected with the help of following factors:
  • To ensure that all relevant quality standards are adhered to when processing the goods.
  • To provide various warranty & guarantee options against our products.
  • To ensure that our products have superior build quality.